A downloadable game

Produced for the Advanced Group Project module of the University of Gloucestershire's Interactive Games Design course by Team ArrowHawk, Keeper city is a 3d, third person Hack and Slash, with heavy RPG elements.

In a world where a dangerous gas, called Ether, has led to both the destruction of most of the world, and provided a strange new fuel with limitless potential, the colossal Keeper City is the last vestige of the human race. Take on the role of the Hunter, someone who has lived his entire life in the wilds, as he finds himself a newcomer to this City, caught in the middle of a gang war between the many Guilds that rule it.

This version of the game was built as a playable demo for the UniGlos ComX event, and so only features a small portion of the gameplay planned for a final release. There are a lot of bugs, and unfinished content within the game, but we hope that you will enjoy this taste of what is to come from Keeper City!

Install instructions

Simply download the .rar and unpack it in a location of your choice, then double-click Keeper City.exe to run!

Please ensure that the _data folder and the .exe are in the same location, as the game will not run otherwise, though you can create a shortcut to the .exe if you'd like to put that somewhere else.


Keeper City.rar 53 MB